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"A Day In the Life Of Wendy And Sarah"

48 minutes playing time
Featuring loving mommy Wendy and adult baby Sarah

This movie from Adult Baby Source was a ground breaking first.
Check an Independant Review by DR2Pen. .."It is the best Adult Baby Movie I have seen."

We have had some wonderful feedback from those who have seen this movie.!

Thank you and Sarah for the fantastic movie. It was everything I could have hoped for. It was great watching the interaction between you and Sarah - she could have been your own daughter and seemed so comfortable and at ease with you.
I eagerly look foward to each Saturday for the weekly update.
Again, a GREAT SITE and keep up the great work.
Adult baby Sarah wakes up one morning after a long nap and calls for her mommy. Her mommy Wendy comes into the bedroom, gives Sarah the biggest hug then checks her disposable diaper.
Of course it is very wet like it is every morning. Wendy removes Sarah's very wet diaper then wipes and powders her. She takes off Sarah's pyjamas, puts on a fresh cloth diaper with plastic pants and dresses her.

Mommy Wendy brushes adult baby Sarah's hair and ties in blue ribbons then sets her up at the breakfast table.

Wendy then spoon feeds cereal with warm milk and when Sarah has finished she cuddles her whilst giving her a baby bottle.
Happy and content with a full tummy Sarah crawls up the stairs with Wendy into the bathroom.

Mommy Wendy puts her adult baby Sarah into the tub and they have lots of bubbles and lots of fun getting clean. Sarah is washed all over, especially her little bottom. Out of the tub with water dripping off her, Wendy dries Sarah with a big fluffy towel then they head off to Wendy's bedroom.

Wendy knows Sarah is getting to a big girl and she should be able to do some things by herself. It is a bit early yet but Wendy is going to try to show Sarah how to put on a cloth diaper and plastic pants. Wendy has heard the best way to do this is by demonstrating on herself. She takes off her panties and sits down on the floor while Sarah watches

Clever Sarah even helps powder her mommy.

Wendy also diapers Sarah, puts a new top on her ready to play outdoors.

Wendy removes adult baby Sarah's cloth diaper as she paddles in the water and plays with her inflatable toys. After the pool Wendy puts a cloth diaper and dresses adult baby Sarah.

It has been a big day and Sarah is needing to go back to the nursery for her night time nap Back in the nursery mommy Wendy undresses adult baby Sarah and puts her in her night dress. Then she checks adult baby Sarah's diaper then breast feeds her again.

Finally mommy Wendy reads her tired little adult baby a bedtime story until Sarah nods off.

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